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For Engineers that Shine More Brightly

At SOLIZE, we have grown as a business by expanding in sectors of: consulting for innovation changes to product development processes, 3D CAD/CAE design and design simulation, Model Based Development (MBD), and 3D printing. Our Group has been unified around a theme of digital engineering technologies throughout the roughly 30 year span since its founding.

So, what value do we draw from being a Group? We handle almost all roles involved in product development. The synergistic effects that come about, as we each fulfill our role, give rise to new technologies, ideas for our jobs, and ways of working. This lets us provide customers with new value—the value of the group. This even expands the options available for engineers, letting them choose jobs that suit and interest them as future career paths.

The automotive industry is currently riding a once-in-a-century wave of revolutionary energy. In the midst of this, we must address our customers’ needs with our traditional, unyielding integrity, as well as proven technological abilities, and the innovation change capabilities required to enhance our competitive edge even further. Over time, the levels of quality and refinement that customers demand are rising, and engineers must respond with unrelenting effort and personal development.

We strive for ongoing growth, anticipating shifts in the world of the future and incorporating emerging technologies. As such, we engage in continuous, group-wide investments: technical research, development, and engineer training.

Our efforts toward engineer training are entirely focused on developing employees who create new value through the engineering of knowledge and technology. We will go on to provide further opportunities for growth over a broad range of sectors, using our Group synergies. This includes transitions between 3D printing and design analysis divisions, conversion from design analysis engineering to consulting as an agent of innovation change, or even taking on the challenges of overseas business.

We are an engineering firm, focused on people and technology. We will always be a place where engineers can work with passion and energy. SOLIZE grows with each engineer, and provides the environment for this growth.

Yasutoshi Kudo
President & CEO, SOLIZE Corporation

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