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38 High-End 3D Printers in Operation / 3D Printing End-Use Parts & Prototype Parts & 3D Printer Sales (for business)

We provide plastic and metal 3D printing service.

We provide prototyping and manufacturing service. By combining 3D printing and other methods, we provide prototyping and manufacturing service. These parts can be used for function tests and performance tests at early design stage. Also we provide industrial 3D printers and solutions such as starting up customer’s in-house manufacturing.

  • 3D Printing End-Use Parts

    3D Printing End-Use Parts

    Uses HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer,we support our customers from helping them with selecting the right parts to providing them with end-use parts. It can be applied to various fields such as automobile parts, industrial devices, healthcare, consumer goods.

  • Prototype Parts

    Prototype Parts

    We provide 3D printing parts, resin and metal casting parts, machining parts, etc. We propose most suitable solution for customer’s request by supporting specification determination, material grade selection, planning of manufacturing process.

  • 3D Printer Sales & Rentals

    3D Printer Sales & Rental Service

    We accelerate customer’s 3D printing success.We cover from installation to operation of the 3D printer.Our service is based on a lot of knowledge and experience in our factories and customer’s sites such as, parameter adjustments, material property evaluation, and machine maintenance.

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