Innovation Engineering Services


We believe that innovative change is not transient effect, but rather working to create a state in which we ourselves can sustainably continue to evolve.

In order to enable our customers achieve their challenging target state swiftly, we’ll deliver innovative solutions to change—current strategies, business, organization, people, and technology—through engineering.

Innovation Engineering Services


Providing innovative change execution capabilities to more than 120 companies, regardless of type of industry

We provide new value to customers in a wide range of industries, from automotive industry, to made-to-order manufacturing, processing, IT, and even finance and the service industry.

  • Automobiles and automobile parts

    Automobiles and automobile parts
  • Energy and infrastructure

    Energy and infrastructure
  • Heavy industry

    Heavy industry
  • Construction civil engineering

    Construction civil engineering
  • Process industry

    Process industry
  • Software

  • Finance / Insurance

    Finance / Insurance
  • BPO


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