Our innovative change project begins with complete visualization

By thorough visualization and analysis of current operations through SOLIZE’s unique framework, we make clear the quantitative gap between customers’ current state as it is, and the target state as they’d like it to be.

Then, by making the causal relationship between challenges and operations recognizable as a single structure, and drawing up an innovative plan which uses that structure as a common language, we create momentum for organizations to work together as one.

We unravel tacit knowledge to create insight

In order to break down tacit knowledge in the field, which can be a source of strength, we pay close attention to people’s sense of judgement. Through detailed analysis of experts’ work, and sharp distinction between three levels—simple tasks, selective judgement, and advanced judgment—with the target state of operations in mind, we design optimal implementation processes for people and systems.

In process implementation, we broadly expand know-how as reproducible organizational knowledge through technology that transforms tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, improving company performance. Then, as experts work on more valuable tasks, this can lead to the creation of new insights.

The marriage of wisdom and technology gives you a true competitive edge

Based on the challenges clarified by visualization, we radically rebuild everything—operations, organization, people, and technology—from the ground up.

In the process of innovative change that requers system development, rather than applying a uniform solution, we strengthen customer’s competitiveness over the other companies through combining the company’s stronghold with advanced technology.

Creating a foundation for continual innovation
We’ll build the foundation for you to keep on innovating

As we get to the heart of things in the field, we’ll work together with our customers to promote innovative change activities, from planning to building, implementing and to operation.

We’ll also support the cultivation of next-generation leadership and create a foundation for constant innovative change, through implementing a series of innovative change activities.

Innovations Engineering Services
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