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The PhiSystem Support Tool for MBSE

SOLIZE, in partnership with SHERPA Engineering (France), provides PhiSim, a multi-domain plant modeling library.

  • *MBSE stands for Model-Based Systems Engineering.

PhiSystem is a tool developed based on open source SysML (Systems Modeling Language) tool Papyrus. The target system is expressed by viewpoints of mission, function, and structure. The system can be defined identically from any viewpoint via its original standardized description, using the standard MBSE descriptive language, SysML.

Examples of standardized description methodsExamples of standardized description methods

Optimize Development From a Functional Perspective via Simulation

In PhiSystem, functions can be defined as functional units. Simulink® can be incorporated at the functional modeling stage through use of these functional units, for modeling from a functional viewpoint. This is before determination of detailed structures, thus enabling simulation at early stages of development.

Function modeling and simulation in the flow of MBSE using PhiSystemFunction modeling and simulation in the flow of MBSE using PhiSystem

The Various Support Services PhiSystem Enables

MBSE support servicesMBSE support services

Combined Use of PhiSim and PhiControl Supports System Architecture Design

PhiSystem was developed based on the SysML tool "Papyrus". This allows us to describe the target system in terms of purpose, function and structure.



System architecture design tool



Simulink-based library for physical system modeling



Simulink-based tool for control system design

Support development life-cycleSupport development life-cycle

Runtime Environments

PhiSystem runs on Windows 7 with Java runtime environment installed.

SHERPA Engineering

SHERPA Engineering is a company specialized in modeling, simulation, and control design. The company was established in 1997 and employs approximately 100 engineers. SHERPA Engineering has extensive project experience with numerous clients, such as French major automotive companies.

Please contact via e-mail for more detailed information about the product or visit SHERPA Engineering website.

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