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Vehicle Dynamics

Supporting Model-Based Development for “driving, turning and stopping” performance

The more driving assistance and autonomous driving technology advances, the more performance related to "driving, turning and stopping" (vehicle dynamics) becomes important.

SOLIZE supports customer’s Model-Based Development for "driving, turning and stopping" performance.

Add and customize of control system for customer’s vehicle model
Optimize various performances in models equipped with a control system
Propose and consult for modeling including vehicles

Practical proposals by engineers who have been leading the development of vehicle dynamics control systems for many years

  • Determine the model configuration and granularity according to the customer's request level and priority (performance and/or real conditions constraints, etc.) and make specific proposals.
  • We have mature knowledge of the vehicle performance, test conditions, parts specifications, etc. related to the system, and provide high-quality models in a short period of time without presenting detailed information.

Concrete example
Full Braking on Split μ-road (Dry & Ice)

Since the braking force generated by the left and right tires is different, ABS is required to ensure stability and shorten the stopping distance.

Vehicle Dynamics

Important vehicle performance
Stopping distance
Maximum correction steering angle
Maximum yaw rate
ABS control specifications that affect the above
Left and right pressure difference limit value
Estimated vehicle speed error
Hydraulic unit decompression capacity, etc.

Modeling services

Based on general control modeling, but can be customized upon requests.

Part Contents
Transmission Details of AT / MT (reproduction of shift shock, etc.)
Drive system 4WD torque distribution, torque vectoring control
Brake ESC (including ABS, TCS, brake LSD function)
Steering EPS, 4WS, (4WS + ESC) integrated control
Suspension Semi-active, active role control

Project case

SOLIZE's ESC system model was incorporated into "VI-Car Real Time" (vehicle dynamics model of VI-Grade Japan Ltd.), and both companies optimized the performance. In the tests, excellent performance was confirmed by installing ESC.

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics © Japan VI Grade Co., Ltd.

Driving on the north course of the Nürburgring circuit in Germany on the "Compact Simulator" owned by Japan VI-Grade Ltd. Very stable driving became possible by installing ESC.

* ESC control uses the same specification for ISO3888-2, Sine With Dwell and Nürburgring.

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