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SOLIZE Technology Lab was founded in April 2018 as a site to anticipate future technologies and generate innovations. We identify customers’ future needs, and engage in research and investigation through open partnerships with research institutions, firms, and academmics. We believe that innovation itself will open the route forward into a brighter future.

SOLIZE Technology Lab SOLIZE Technology Lab

SOLIZE Technology Lab: Accelerating Innovation

The automotive industry is undergoing a once-in-a-century revolution represented by CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric. In this environment, a company must accurately assess the changing era, comprehend technical trends, and develop the technologies and personnel required to adapt.
It is critical to consider what is going on in Japan and across the world, and what it takes to resolve those issues. Thorough debate and deep contemplation foster innovation.

SOLIZE Technology Lab: Accelerating Innovation

SOLIZE Technology Lab’s three roles are technical development, technical personnel development, and communication. We are particularly focused on technical development, and conduct research while building open collaborative relationships with external partners.

Open Development for Weight Reduction, to Resolve Issues Society Faces

Theme 01 Automotive Weight Reduction

Theme 01Automotive Weight Reduction

Automotive weight reduction is one of the development themes that SOLIZE Technology Lab explores. Weight reduction improves fuel efficiency, and thus contribute to global warming solutions.

There are two broad trends in the field of weight reduction.

  • 01.Changing Materials
    The first is changing materials. An example would be replacing chassis steel with aluminum to lighten the entire automobile. However, aluminum is weaker than steel, and this approach necessitates measures like thicker metal sheets to boost strength. Without careful analysis of where to use both steel and aluminum, actual weight reductions cannot be achieved. SOLIZE is currently considering conversion to multi-material designs which carefully utilize the perfect material in the ideal location.
  • 02.Changing Structures
    The second is changing structures. We are currently using simulations to research optimized designs where only parts subject to stress are reinforced, and unnecessary weight is removed from other structures.

In light of this, we are also launching joint research on weight reduction in cooperation with external partners.

Winning the AutonomousDriving Development
Race Using Our MBD Strengths

Theme 02Autonomous Driving

The second development theme at SOLIZE Technology Lab is autonomous driving technologies. Autonomous driving vehicles face innumerable issues and require a long-term view in development.

Autonomous driving technology within Japan is currently at “Level 2,” or the driver-assist level, and development competition is expected to grow more intense while work begins on practical applications of “Level 3.” Furthermore, competition will next begin on “Level 4” after Level 3 is popularized. Fierce development competition will continue for at least the next decade, necessitating ever-increasing speed.

SOLIZE is engaged in one autonomous driving project as part of a government-led research and development plan, the “Strategic Innovation Program (SIP)”.

Theme 02 Autonomous Driving

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