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Aerospace Tier I Supplier – Analysis


Pressure calculation using CFD Methods, mapping of pressure data from CFD calculation on Finite Element Model to compute stresses and deformations


Power Plants – Nacelle

Case Study: Analysis of restrained fan cowl assembly

  • Engine nose cowl structural analysis was carried out; the salient features of the project are described below:
    • Determination of pressure flow distribution using CFD over the engine cowl using V-n load envelope
    • Mapping of the computed pressure loads to FE model as needed
    • Specification of composite material properties
    • Static analysis to determine composite failure indices and displacements for the pressure loads
    • Generation of detailed stress report
  • Design and optimization of restrained fan cowl is carried out
    • FE Modeling activities for Restrained fan cowl assembly
    • Specification of composite and metallic material properties
    • Analysis to determine fastener strength and reserve factors
    • Weight optimization
    • Generation of detailed stress report

Tool used:

STARCD, MSC Nastran & Hyper Mesh

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