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Aerospace Tier I Supplier – Design


To setup an offshore CAD Team to support Structural Designing requirements for Primary and Secondary Structures, NMG creations, Conceptual, Preliminary Design and Final Design, Surface /Solid Modeling of parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies with engineering drawings at CSM Bangalore, India


Primary Structure

  • CSM Design team supported Customer’s Design department by performing Design of Fixed and Tilt Wings and Flap & Flaperon involving composite material lay-up, design of Wing to Fuselage attachment, and Torque tube actuator attachments
  • CSM Design team was involved in conceptual design and preliminary design of Spars, Ribs, Skins, and Brackets; also involved in design phases to freeze the final configuration
  • CSM Design team provided support for Fuselage design, viz.
    • Design and modeling of Bulkheads at different Aircraft stations
    • Design, modeling and detailing of Longerons, Stringers
    • Design, modeling and detailing of Canopy Assembly and its related sub-parts

Interior Design

  • CSM has experience in the design of galleys:
    • Galley design based on fixed and adaptable zones with forward and aft facing
    • Detailed design, 3D modeling, and assembling
    • Creation of 2D manufacturing drawings
    • Design of Flight Deck based on surface design and 3D modeling

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