Project sigma

Aerospace Tier I Supplier – Analysis


CSM to set up an offshore analysis team for Aerospace Tier I supplier. CSM was required to provide support customer’s internal design team in CAD design and CAE


Primary Structure

  • Structural validation to determine the reserve factor for inboard and outboard wing ribs comprising of vertical and horizontal stiffeners and manhole
  • Analysis for critical flight and landing load cases and consisted of:
    • Manhole load redistribution
    • Pull–off load distribution on vertical stiffeners
    • Panel analysis including cutouts
    • Horizontal and vertical stiffener analysis
    • Spar joint analysis
    • Stress report was generated as per OEM standards
    • OEM supplied program tool was used

Case study: Analysis of inboard wing ribs for Aero OEM

Secondary Structure

  • CSM carried out the Structural analysis of Nose landing gear doors for an Aircraft Manufacturer in North America; the project involved in the determination of displacement and stresses for various loading conditions
  • The analysis involved:
    • Investigation of various composite materials
    • Post-processing to determine composite failure indices
    • Weight optimization
    • Generation of detailed stress report

Case study: Analysis of LH and RH Door using carbon and glass fiber composite

Tool used:

MSC Nastran & Hyper Mesh

Other Case Studies

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