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Press Release

SOLIZE Launches Response to COVID-19 to Support Medical Institutions in Japan

SOLIZE group (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter SOLIZE) has decided to provide medical supplies free of charge to medical institutions through the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association (Chairman: Haruo Ozaki). As the first step, we will start providing the face shield frame made of biocompatible material using the HP’s 3D printing solutions in response to the request from medical institutions.

We incorporated the following requests from the Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Association in the design data of the face shield frame:

  1. An adjuster function has been added to match the head shape of the user.
  2. The transparent material of the shield does not need to be drilled, making it easier to install and replace.
  3. Each medical institution needs to procure the transparent shield part, so this frame can be attached and replaced by various materials of transparent shield (eg. Plastic plate, OHP sheet, clear file, etc.)

SOLIZE Launches Response to COVID-19 to Support Medical Institutions in Japan

As one of the largest 3D printing service bureaus in Japan, SOLIZE utilizes 3D printing technology and know-how cultivated for more than 30 years since its foundation and provides manufacturing services for prototypes and small-scale mass production products. In addition, SOLIZE holds engineers capable for designing and developing products to meet the detailed requests for the design data, so it can quickly respond to the urgent needs of medical institutions.

SOLIZE, as a certified HP’s Global Digital Manufacturing Network partner, will support medical institutions using HP Jet Fusion 3D printing solutions. We are considering providing not only the face shield frame but also other necessary medical supplies such as the mask.

SOLIZE continues to support medical institutions and healthcare professionals upon their request until the spread of COVID-19 ends.

About the SOLIZE Group

SOLIZE has been a leader in digital engineering technology since the dawn of 3D CAD in the 1990s, launching its work in rapid prototyping and 3D modeling via 3D printing, as well as 3D CAD engineer training and engineering services. Today, SOLIZE provides valuable services to its customers in various industries, in particular the automotive industry, including 3D CAD/CAE Engineering Services for product design and analysis, MBD Engineering Services for model-based development, and 3D Printing Engineering Services for prototype and small-scale mass production via additive manufacturing (metal/plastic) as well as the sale of industrial additive manufacturing equipment. In addition, we have developed four kinds of Innovation Engineering Services, which take on everything from implementation to establishment of development process reform, with technology that transforms tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge at the core.

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