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Press Release

SOLIZE signed a Reseller Agreement with Physna Inc. to offer a state-of-the-art 3D shape search technology and services

SOLIZE Corporation (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Yasutoshi Kudo), has announced that its subsidiary SOLIZE USA Corporation has signed a reseller agreement with Physna Inc. (Headquarters: Ohio, USA, CEO: Paul Powers), an innovative 3D shape search technology company, and has started selling their software in Japan, India and the United States. In Japan and India, SOLIZE is an exclusive reseller in each region.

Physna has developed a 3D data search engine based on its proprietary geometric deep-learning technology and is now expanding its services. While geometric search engines have existed for some time, most of them rely on 2D projections or CAD data profiles. Physna's search engine extracts the DNA of the geometry and uses it for matching, which enables users find any shapes in the part, regardless of data format or part configuration. The company is offering this technology on a cloud-based platform, making it easy for users to build their own searchable 3D database with or without existing PLM systems or other data management tools.

Today, 3D data is used in a variety of situations in a variety of industries. However, to find the 3D data required by the geometric search function, we have had to rely on profile information controlled by strict rules. It is very difficult to comprehensively represent geometric features with information such as part numbers, and as a result, even in many companies despite with PLM systems, engineers spend a lot of time searching for historical data, and this difficulty is more pronounced among back-end users who only view the data.

Physna's software provides a fast and accurate geometric search, as well as the ability to compare and analyze data and link it to profile information, greatly improving the efficiency of workload with 3D data. The following effects can be realized depending on the use case.

  • Improve engineering and design efficiency by eliminating duplicate engineering files:
    Easily extract similar models that have already been created to prevent redundant work and improve work efficiency.
  • Smarter production planning:
    Make more effective production planning through productivity prediction based on the shape.
  • Cost Reduction with Smarter Procurement:
    Find similar parts procured from various suppliers and optimize supplier selection, price, quality requirements, etc., by analyzing part shapes.
  • Intelligent Inventory Management:
    Accurately determine the classification, alternative part numbers used, purpose and function of part without using any expensive CAD tool and technical knowhow.

“With over 30 years of expertise in 3D data technology, SOLIZE is a unique company in the industry and has long been a leader in transforming the design and development operations of many leading companies in the automotive industry. I am convinced that our international partnership with SOLIZE, with its extensive consulting expertise, practical know-how and knowledge of state-of-the-art engineering software, will help us provide this new solution to many of our customers and contribute to the transformation of the industry.” said Paul Powers, CEO of Physna.

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About Physna

Physna, Inc., is the industry leader in geometric deep-learning technology. The company’s software bridges the gap between the physical world and digital code by codifying the 3D world through a deeper understanding of the physical properties of real-world objects and the relationships between them. Physna is building the 3D future of software, and has already improved engineering, industrial design and procurement by putting new, powerful search capabilities in the hands of innovators and creators - one 3D model at a time. The company's co-founder and CEO, Paul Powers, was recognized as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Manufacturing & Industry category in 2019. On January 2021, Physna has raised $20M in Series B funding. The round was led by Sequoia Capital with participation from VC firm Drive Capital, which led Physna’s Series A round valued $6.9M in 2019.


SOLIZE has been a leader in digital engineering technology since the dawn of 3D CAD in the 1990s, when it started rapid prototyping and 3D modeling using 3D printers, as well as 3D CAD engineer education and 3D CAD engineering services. Currently, SOLIZE provides 3D CAD/CAE engineering services for product design and analysis, MBD engineering services for model-based development, 3D printing engineering services for the production of prototypes ,low-volume mass-produced products using additive manufacturing (metal and plastic) and sales of industrial additive manufacturing equipment and innovations engineering services to reform customer’s business and/or development process based on our unique technology of transforming tacit knowledge into formal knowledge. Through our four core businesses, we provide valuable services to our customers.
As a leading distributor of Dassault Systèmes and MSC Software in India, SOLIZE supports many customers in the manufacturing industry and research and development institutions.

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