Recent times have seen revolutionising technology changes in every field of engineering like Renewable Energy, Alternate Materials, Autonomous Driving, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Emission Control, etc. Adoption of digital technologies in the industries is growing at a rapid pace.

Apart from the rapid technological changes, businesses are also facing significant cost and time pressures. These changes are forcing the industry to demand universities to align their academic programs closely with the current industry practise and continuously upgrade to remain in alignment with the industry changes. This will help the universities to equip the students with current industry knowledge and skills, apart from the basic scientific and engineering knowledge.

SITPL has been a technology evangelist ever since its inception three decades ago, training the Indian Engineering Industry and the Universities, helping them to effectively use computer based methods for solving complex engineering problems. SITPL India has the unique position of having trained thousands of practising CAE and CFD Engineers and also students of these subjects.

We continue to work with the universities and various knowledge and skill development organizations across the country supporting them in deploying current generation digital technologies in Engineering.

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