Aerospace and Defence


India’s overall aviation market is expected to become the third largest globally by 2025. Growth and expansion of India’s Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing sector has enabled India to earn the recognition as one of the world’s aerospace hubs. The steep increase in passenger traffic and increasing defence expenditure will lead to accelerated growth of the Indian aerospace sector.

At the same time , With the intense competition and sky rocketing fuel and material prices, the need for complete value chain management is ever more present. With ever more complex design and manufacturing processes being undertaken, the need for tighter and more complex quality and certification processes to be created.

Dependence of Aerospace Industry on large supply-chain actively encourages companies from other sectors to invest and leverage opportunities in the Aerospace Industry.

The Civil and Defense offset policies combined with the “Make-In-India” initiatives of the Government are presenting significant business opportunities both in the domestic and the international markets.

Ever since its inception over two and half decades ago, SOLIZE Indiia has been very closely associated with various domestic aerospace programs and has been a reliable supplier of Engineering Software and Services Solutions to the Indian Industry. As the participation of the private industries in the aerospace engineering and manufacturing increased, SOLIZE India has helped many industry players in setting up world-class digital design and manufacturing infrastructure.

Aerospace and Defence

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