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Engineering and Manufacturing today is driven by speed and scale. The ability to optimize a process can help you deliver faster and with the highest quality.

Major Challenges in Manufacturing Engineering

  • Achieve concurrency in all operations

    Concurrency means that planning, development, and implementation will be done in parallel, rather than sequentially. The goal is for the conceptualization, design, and production of products and services to be as concurrent as possible to reduce time-to-market, encourage innovation, and improve quality.

  • Integrate human and technical resources to enhance workforce performance and satisfaction

    Manufacturers will be under tremendous competitive pressures to customize their products. Individuals and teams will have to be agile to maintain control over time and technology and capitalize on both. Successful organizations will have to educate their workers to consider time and technology as challenges to productivity.

SOLIZE – Manufacturing Engineering Expertise

SOLIZE’s manufacturing engineering services are powered by over fourteen years of rich experience and more than fifty engineers having an average experience of over seven years. Our services include, Process planning, Concept Development, Equipment/Tool design, Equipment/Line Simulation, Offline programming and Manufacturing Document Generation for Body-in-white Welding and Assembly Line Design.

SOLIZE’s expertise and cost competitive services can address your engineering requirements and business challenges to deliver significant value to your organization.

Every industry faces complex challenges that affect growth and erodes efficiency, the Automotive Body Weld and Assembly Line industry is no different.

Our strong engineering “DNA” coupled with more than one-and-half decades of experience in the domain has equipped us with the expertise to deliver tangible results for the various industry challenges.

We have established dedicated Service Verticals for Automotive Body Weld and Assembly Line and successfully operated and scaled them in size for enhancing the portfolio of our global customers.

We have successfully demonstrated, our ability to seamlessly migrate and deploy customer processes and methods at our Global Delivery Centre located in Bangalore. This translates into execution efficiencies which are in-line with our customers' requirements.

We are flexible and scalable to deliver best-in-class engineering services to global industry leaders.

Snapshot of Our Manufacturing Engineering Services:

SOLIZE can support the customer in the following areas:

Mechanical Design
Prototype tooling
Spot/MIG/Laser weld fixtures
Gripper/End effectors
Main line assembly tooling
Robotic Simulation
Offline Programming
Line Simulation

SOLIZE can support using the following tools:

Mechanical Design
Process Design / Process Simulate

SOLIZE has successfully set up a dedicated Offshore and Onsite Team for an Automotive Tier 1 supplier to support in the areas of BIW Fixture Design and Simulation activities for over 7 years.

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