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Press Release

SOLIZE Launches Sales of Functional Testing Tool for Embedded Control Systems in Partnership with German Company PikeTec

Global engineering partner in the product development in the manufacturing industry, the SOLIZE Group (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; President: Keiichi Shinohara; hereinafter “SOLIZE”) has partnered with PikeTec GmbH (headquartered in Berlin, Germany) to launch functional testing tool TPT (Time Partition Testing), developed by PikeTec, for sale in Japan.

In the automotive industry, which is undergoing a major revolution once every 100 years, the demand for the development of controls for complex on-board components, such as for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving, is rapidly increasing. For that reason, the use of model-based development (MBD) and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) which applies modeling concepts to the development of entire systems, regardless of hardware or software is progressing.

SOLIZE began its MBD Engineering Services in 2012, and currently works in collaboration with clients in the domestic automotive industry on a variety of advanced projects, as well as in entrusted development. In addition, we cooperate with partners from the industry-leading countries of France, Germany, and Spain, to provide sales of various MBSE- and MBD-supporting software, as well as consulting services for MBD implementation using such tools.

This partnership has enabled SOLIZE to provide customers with seamlessly connected service in the software development process, from requirement definition to verification.

About TPT (Time Partition Testing)

TPT is a user-friendly tool for functional testing in all phases of the embedded software development. It can be used for MIL, SIL, PIL, and HIL testing as well as actual vehicle testing, and tests can be run on many development platforms. Additionally, in developing safety-related systems, TPT can be applied to testing of components with the ISO 26262 safety level ASIL D.

TPT Test FlowSOLIZE Launches Sales of Functional Testing Tool for Embedded Control Systems in Partnership with German Company PikeTec

①Graphical and Systematic
Test Modeling
②Automatic Generation &
Execution of Test Cases
③Traceability of Requirements & Automatic Test Reporting
Project Examples:
Body controller
Lights, seat heaters, ventilation, climate control, meter cluster
Powertrain controller
Transmission, HV battery, power electronics, engine
ADAS controller
Emergency brakes, lane departure warning system, blind spot detection, autonomous driving
Drive dynamics controller
Crosswind control, roll angle control

About PikeTec GmbH

Established in Berlin, Germany in 2007, PikeTec GmbH specializes in embedded system testing and verification, and provides engineering services using TPT (a tool for functional testing of embedded control systems) as well as training support.


About the SOLIZE Group

SOLIZE has been a leader in digital engineering technology since the dawn of 3D CAD in the 1990s, launching its work in rapid prototyping and 3D modeling via 3D printing, as well as 3D CAD engineer training and engineering services. Today, SOLIZE provides valuable services to its customers in various industries, in particular the automotive industry, including 3D CAD/CAE Engineering Services for product design and analysis, MBD Engineering Services for model-based development, 3D Printing Engineering Services for additive manufacturing (metal/plastic) and sale of additive manufacturing equipment for products. In addition, we have developed Innovation Engineering Services which take on everything from implementation to establishment of development process reform, with technology that transforms tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge at the core.

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