Fundamental Policy for Information Security

SOLIZE’s Fundamental Policy for Information Security

The SOLIZE (hereinafter referred to as our company) has established this fundamental policy for information security in order to contribute to societal progress through better service. We securely protect all information assets, and conduct our business in a way that can always obtain our customers’ peace of mind and trust.

  1. We will establish internal regulations according to this fundamental policy, and do business accordingly.
  2. We will comply with laws, guidelines established by Japanese government, other social norms, and contracts with customers.
  3. We will clarify our responsibilities and roles concerning information security, and establish an information security management system.
  4. We will conduct internal audits on information security, and continually review and improve upon it.
  5. We will continually conduct training and guidance which contributes to the improvement of information security.
  6. We will ensure protection of information assets by establishing an information security management system (ISMS).
  7. We will thoroughly enforce adherence to this policy, ensuring that every employee is made aware of the above and behaves responsibly.

Scope of Certifications

Our company has obtained ISO/IEC27001 certification (an international standard for information security management systems) at the following businesses:

SOLIZE Innovations Business Unit
Business reform in design and development area, production technology and mold area, and operation area.
Digital-Driven Engineering Business Unit
Contract development in design and development area and system development area.
MBSE Business Unit
Contract development and business reform in design and development area and system development area.