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A Rising Need for Model-Based Development (MBD) as Paradigms Shift SOLIZE Leaps Ahead at a Turning Point

Automotive software is increasing explosively with the diversification of power trains to comply with worldwide environmental regulations, the adoption of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), compatibility with autopilot features, and more. Demand for the MBSE development method has risen in conjunction with Model Based Development (MBD) and its use of simulations in development and testing. The automotive industry is in the midst of a paradigm shift at this very moment. With our extensive track record at MBD, SOLIZE is poised to take the lead at this turning point.

Image of Model Based Development Image of Model Based Development

The MBSE and MBD Methods, for Remarkable Development Efficiency

With the progress of the Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) trend in the automotive industry, increased speed is in demand, while complexity increases in development. This differs from conventional approaches. In a more traditional development process, design is conducted on paper, a prototype is constructed, and tests are run until the design is complete. This approach is now shifting from a repetitious, analogue method to the Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and MBD (Model Based Development) methods.

MBSE is primarily used in the initial development stages; it works by analyzing requirements to define objectives and missions, then breaking these down into system functions and structures. Furthermore, using a common modeling language such as SysML for these definitions, functions, and structures can eliminate ambiguity and smooth communication. Using models also simplifies simulations and testing, and is effective in reducing development time and costs by preventing setbacks as overlooked issues come to light later in development.

Image of The MBSE and MBD Methods, for Remarkable Development Efficiency

SOLIZE supports higher efficiency and quality in development through the MBSE and MBD methods. For example, we have a record of results in hybrid vehicle development environment construction using modeling technologies, body component 1D modeling, development environment construction for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), platform development for single-vehicle energy modeling, model construction using neural networks, test environment operation using simulators (HILS), and more.

Providing Solutions in Partnership with Leading European Firms

SOLIZE’s strength in the MBSE sector lies with our provision of comprehensive services and tools in coordination with advanced European partners. Through coordination with four leading European MBSE and MBD firms, SOLIZE supports everything MBSE - from requirement development to modeling, implementation, and testing. SOLIZE has the top-flight engineers required to support this ecosystem, and provides customers with cutting-edge technologies acquired ahead of the pack through our partnerships.

SOLIZE partners with Spain’s The Reuse Company on requirement development, supporting a higher level of requirement specification quality that leads to reductions in control development time and man hours. At present, with the globalization of automotive manufacturer product development and the rising difficulty of development based on conventional reconciliation technologies, the importance of requirement specification quality continues to grow. At one time, most considered it an extreme challenge to adapt advanced US and European methods of improving design specification quality to Japan, given the differences in Japanese linguistic structure and syntax. However, in cooperation with The Reuse Company, and through joint research with Shibaura Institute of Technology, SOLIZE has successfully enabled quality assessment standards for requirement specifications and syntax pattern definitions with consideration to unique Japanese linguistic elements.

Image of Providing Solutions in Partnership with Leading European Firms

On this point, when customers adopt software tool, SOLIZE advances projects in close coordination with customers arranging necessary technology, consulting required to revolutionize the development process, and everything from implementation to product adoption.

Furthermore, we are partnered with the French firm SHERPA Engineering for modeling and control system design, as well as testing software. We have also newly partnered with the German-integrated control system functional testing tool developer PikeTec to offer “TPT (Time Partition Testing)” for sale in Japan, as a tool for achieving testing automation through the systematic creation of test cases.

Comprehensive, Seasoned, One-Stop Engineering Services, From Requirements to Testing

Automobiles are a conglomeration of diverse physical phenomena. For example, engineers need to be able to understand combustion in terms of thermal energy, friction in terms of mechanical, and convert these to formulas and models. Another one of our strengths at SOLIZE is our team of elite engineers stationed around the world. With their breadth of expertise and polished technical abilities, they allow us to provide environmental construction from requirements to testing, engineering services, and even consulting as a one-stop solution.

Moreover, we coordinate on a company-wide scale through the SOLIZE Group’s Innovations Engineering Services division in order to convert our artisans’ and veterans’ tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, and to revolutionize the production process and organization. In addition to providing MBD technologies, this also ensures we provide our customers with high added value.

Going Beyond for the Engineering of the Future

Image of Going Beyond for the Engineering of the Future

Given that advances in automotive functions such as autonomous driving are inevitable, as is increased development complexity, MBSE and MBD will be vital and demand for these methods will doubtless rise.

SOLIZE takes an objective view of all sorts of trends, and works to assesses the future, coordinate and conduct development with academic institutions, and strengthen ties with partners. This effort is entirely focused on acquiring the expertise and technology needed in the near future as swiftly as possible, and on ensuring our provision of technology and proposals for our customers go a step beyond. Using a base of techniques and technology cultivated over the years, SOLIZE leads the way in the MBSE and MBD sector.

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