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Press Release

Launching Sales of Tesla Model 3 Benchmark Data & Models
- Providing Data from French Venture Company ADACCESS and French Company SHERPA Engineering, a Pioneer in Model-Based Development (MBD) -

The SOLIZE Group (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; President: Keiichi Shinohara; hereinafter “SOLIZE”), a global partner in product development and engineering in the manufacturing industry, has been strengthening the field of control systems in order to meet the growing demand for product development in the electric vehicle (EV) and autonomous driving fields. Now, we are launching a service to provide benchmark data and models in Japan. As the first step, we will begin providing benchmark data and models for the Tesla Model 3 as of today.

To launch this service, we have entered into an agency agreement with French venture company ADACCESS for the benchmark data of Tesla, Inc.’s Tesla Model 3, and have reached a sales agreement with SHERPA Engineering, a French company with whom we already have a partnership, for the Tesla Model 3 benchmark models, which can be reproduced in simulations.

In order to formulate strategies for developing upcoming automotive models and target specifications, benchmarks for vehicles with a competitive edge in the market are critical in the development process for automotive and parts manufacturers. It is common for each company to decide on its own benchmark vehicle, and to carry out everything after purchase of the vehicle, from disassembly to measurement, in-house. However, due to the recent intensification of global EV competition and the acceleration of development speed, the need to obtain benchmark data at a reasonable price and in a timely manner has increased, and so has the demand for benchmark models with which not only shape and cost, but the dynamic characteristics of invisible functional aspects (such as performance evaluation based on different driving conditions), including control performance, can be evaluated.

Given these circumstances, ADACCESS has disassembled particular EVs and conducted workshops with many companies including automotive OEMs, judging measurement locations, and proposing and installing sensors. The company has superior hardware technology which reassembles parts into vehicles with over 100 sensors, and acquires data through driving tests on the road, proving ground, and with the test bench. By utilizing this data, it is possible to keep investment in benchmarking (which can increase expenses if implemented in-house only) low.

In addition, SHERPA Engineering, an engineering services company whose core business includes modeling, simulation, and control design, is a global pioneer in the development of benchmark models for simulation, and boasts a great number of achievements in sales.

For Japanese automotive and parts manufacturers, SOLIZE, in collaboration with ADACCESS and SHERPA Engineering, will provide benchmark data on the energy management of specific EVs, as well as simulation platforms for thermal management.

Following the provision of data and simulation models for the Tesla Model 3, which we are launching as the first step in providing benchmark data and models in Japan, we are preparing upcoming vehicles, and plan to present them as soon as they are ready.

Further, we will also provide support for individual model-based development (MBD)challenges, including data acquisition in response to requests for additions such as bench testing, post-processing of benchmark data, operation of simulation platforms, and establishing simulation environments which integrate control and plant models owned by each individual company.


ADACCESS is a French venture company which was established in 2013. Specializing in the automotive industry, the company collects vehicle data centered on energy management, and manufactures and sells prototype vehicles for display and experimental use. With a technical center near a hub of automotive OEMs on the outskirts of Paris, the company has accomplished many projects at automotive OEMs and auto parts companies around the world, including France’s PSA, Renault, and Valeo, as well as Chery Automobile of China, Mahindra & Mahindra of India, Denso Corporation of Japan, and Leoni AG of Germany.

About SHERPA Engineering

SHERPA Engineering was founded in 1997. Based on the outskirts of Paris, France, it is an engineering service company whose core business includes modeling, simulation, and control design. The company has accomplished projects with many customers, mainly in Europe, in the automotive, aerospace, railway, and energy industries. Its mission is to support the introduction of development methods based on models and specialized tools, backed by experience in hundreds of projects.

About the SOLIZE Group

SOLIZE has been a leader in digital engineering technology since the dawn of 3D CAD in the 1990s, launching its work in rapid prototyping and 3D modeling via 3D printing, as well as 3D CAD engineer training and engineering services. Today, SOLIZE provides valuable services to its customers in various industries, in particular the automotive industry, including 3D CAD/CAE Engineering Services for product design and analysis, MBD Engineering Services for model-based development, and 3D Printing Engineering Services for prototype and small-scale mass production via additive manufacturing (metal/plastic) as well as the sale of industrial additive manufacturing equipment. In addition, we have developed four kinds of Innovation Engineering Services, which take on everything from implementation to establishment of development process reform, with technology that transforms tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge at the core.

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