Specific Personal Information Privacy Policy

About Handling of Specific Personal Information

The SOLIZE Corporation and its group companies in Japan (hereinafter referred to as our company) have established the following basic policies in order to ensure proper handling of Individual Numbers and other such specific personal information (hereinafter referred to as specific personal information, etc.) as an organization.

1. About compliance with applicable laws, guidelines, etc.

Our company observes laws and guidelines which apply to specific personal information, etc. as well as rules to be followed by our employees, including our Personal Information Privacy Policy.

2. About security control measures

In order to appropriately manage specific personal information, etc., our company has established guidelines for handling specific personal information, and in addition to maintenance of our organizational structure, employee training, and taking security control measures (including physical and technological measures) to prevent accidents such as leaking of information, we supervise our contractors’ security control measures as well.

Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Specific Personal Information

General Affairs & IT Department, SOLIZE Group
Contact us about the handling of personal information here


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