Our Competency

Engineering is our core

The word “Engineering” is at the heart of SOLIZE

“Engineering” means creating values for society by understating the full picture of phenomena and developing reproducible and effective systems.

In addition to technical solutions, we also apply engineering to holistic vale creation throughout the organizations.

Engineering is our core

Engineering at SOLIZE

  • 01. Practicing at the customer for the customer There are many things that you can only find and experience being on-site.
    Instead of simply developing theories, we go on-site and put the theory to practice.
  • 02. Capturing the essence Whether it’s the rules and principles behind a phenomena or implicit objectives or aims that are not easily identified, we continue to question the true essence at its roots, rather than simply tracing the surface.
  • 03. Making evolution continuous Instead of being used by the system, we always strive to make accomplishments through the system.
    Rather than becoming complacent from success, we continuously strive to evolve and improve our systems.

Business Areas of the SOLIZE

Engineering Fields that Utilize Wisdom and Technology

The SOLIZE conducts business operations across the three engineering fields of:
Design, 3D Printing, and Innovation.
Furthermore, we are expanding our business to new engineering fields, bringing innovation to the creation of all kinds of value beyond our current fields.

Engineering is our core

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