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Enjoy the Progress — Making dreams a reality, and loving every step of the way

Aiming to become the world’s best digital engineering leaders, we’ll achieve exceptional goals. We can enjoy that process, growing as we take the good with the bad.

This thought is what we like to call SOLIZE DNA, and the driving force behind SOLIZE’s growth is cultivating and strengthening human resources to have it. The creation of human resources who will continue to lead at the forefront of Japanese manufacturing, the creation of new methods and tools, and the creation of an ever-evolving corporate culture—to achieve all this, SOLIZE has prepared a training system that encourages continuous growth.

Training in actionTraining in action

  • Initial Training
    We foster our engineers with an original educational program. We’ve implemented this 3-month program for everyone to begin once they join the company, recent graduates and experienced workers alike. Our instructors are engineers at the top of their class, with a wide range of design experience. We pay particular attention to learning about CAD, and we use a variety of ingenious solutions, such as animated instructional content, to express CAD operation in more specific terms when a textbook just isn’t enough. Besides 3D CAD skill training, our engineers will also receive instruction in professional business etiquette such as teamwork and communication, as well as master the 3D design knowhow that SOLIZE has cultivated since its establishment, and development process engineering all the way from design to die.
  • Customized Training
    The skills and knowledge necessary for practical work vary depending on the customer. To be able to work smoothly, we conduct preliminary onsite training, directly connected to our clients’ business at each location.
    Examples include: engineering tolerance, model, resin casting, engine structure, VBA macros, V5 macros, CAE stress analysis, CAD templates, CAD knowledge functions, CAD library functions, etc.
  • Skill Conversion Training
    We aim for further advancement as we encourage mastery and practice of broader knowledge. Participation in a curriculum that reflects the knowhow of engineers who have built up their careers makes it possible for our new engineers to master knowledge condensed into a short period of time. They’ll gain knowledge in fields they’re inexperienced in as well as learn CAD techniques by participating in multiple curriculums systematically.
  • Leadership & Management Training
    We conduct training for engineers to master the necessary abilities for becoming a leader, including strategy planning, policy decision-making, and employee training.

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