We’re Experts in Controller and Plant Modeling

Our engineers create Simulink® models from requirement specifications and legacy C code. We conduct plant modeling with a variety of tools, organize existing models, and perform model reduction for real-time simulation while customers can concentrate on their primary development objective.

Developing Control and Plant Models

We develop customer models using MATLAB®/Simulink. We also use Simscape and Modelica tools such as Amesim, MapleSim, and Dymola to develop plant models.

  • Creating Simulink models from specifications, C, and C++ code
    We can create Simulink models from requirement specifications and legacy (C and C++) code.
  • Organizing Simulink models
    We can reproduce models that are stored as your assets by organizing complicated Simulink models.
    • ・Review model architecture
    • ・Improve readability
    • ・Conformity to guidelines (such as JMAAB guidelines or your original guidelines)
    • ・Equivalency checks, etc.
  • Plant modeling
    We handle plant modeling. We also support modeling and operation of simulations in various domains, such as mechanics, electronics, and thermo-fluids.
  • Model reduction
    If your models are too heavily loaded with functions for use in simulations or to run HILS, we can optimize via cuts to excess functions.
  • Reverse engineering
    We provide engineering services such as the creation of Simulink models from code and the creation of specifications through model analysis, based on your assets.

Other services

  • *MATLAB and Simulink are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.

MBD Engineering Services
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